How Netflix Recommendations Work: Ratings and Activity

But do you know how it works Netflix’s referral system? There are several things that the platform takes into account to customize each recommendation it makes. If you do not know what to see, in ADSLZone we leave you weekly recommendations of the best series but, also, Netflix makes its own recommendations according to what you have seen to the end, what you have abandoned, etc. All the recommendations are unique and different and you will not get the same as another user because the data is different depending on your use.


On Netflix you can create several profiles if there are several people sharing an account. There can be up to five different profiles in the same Netflix account and all of them have a series of own and unique characteristics such as the possibility of choosing the language, blocking the profile, activating subtitles, configuring playback, viewing activity log and what it’s more important: your list, your ratings and suggestions custom series and movies.

It is important that if you share an account with your brother, with your mother or with your partner, you make different profiles so that the recommendations of Netflix are as reliable as possible. If you share an account and you see totally different content, you may not like what I recommend, but the other person who uses the profile.

Netflix cheaper

To create Netflix follow these steps:

  • Go to your Netflix account and open it with username and password
  • Open the option “Manage profiles”
  • Tap on “Add a profile”
  • Give your profile a name and choose from different avatars
  • Choose “Continue” to complete the process
  • You will automatically see that the new profile appears in the list

In general, you can create profiles from any device after 2013, but if it does not allow you the option, you can always do it from the browser. If your son or daughter uses your profile, it is also important that you create one for them (you can create child profiles) so that the recommendations of Netflix are not all cartoons, movies for the little ones and children’s content.

Activate recommendation system

When you create a profile or account on the streaming platform, it asks you to choose some titles that you think you like. You do not have to choose them if you have not seen anything yet and it is not mandatory but by choosing them you are activating automatically the recommendation system to be personalized from the first moment. If you do not activate it, it will recommend popular things to other users and the algorithm will learn and get to know you as you watch titles. The preferences at the beginning will change as your tastes change.


Once you have the profiles created, it’s helpful to know how Netflix recommendations work to see if you can trust them or not. The service helps you find a series or movie that you might like based on a number of criteria. Regardless of what is newest or most popular, you will also see unique recommendations that have been there for years but did not know they existed.

Netflix calculate the probability that you see a particular title taking into account mainly three factors (although not the only but important ones)

  • The interactions with the service: Viewing history of your profile or how you have rated the titles you have seen, in case you have rated them.
  • Other members with similar tastes and preferences
  • information about titles, genre, categories, actors, release year

But it also takes into account a number of other important factors that are unique to each user and that help process algorithms. It does not take into account your age, although it may seem so, nor does it take into account your gender. It does look at:

  • The time you watch Netflix every day
  • The devices you use to watch series or movies
  • How long a day do you use it

This data is used to personalize the algorithm so that the things you see on the screen more or less resemble what you like. It does not mean that the rest is not. Yes everything is and just use the search engine to go to the series you want or search among categories that are usually abandoned. But the platform will make you more visible what you think you may like more. This way you will avoid spending hours each night finding something that convinces you or that you really want to see.

Matching percentage

Beyond the order of Netflix to show you the series, which we will explain in the following paragraphs, there is a percentage of affinity in all the contents of the platform. You can search the title and you will see under the name (next to the year, age and season) that you will find in green a label “% of coincidence”. Obviously, the higher the percentage of coincidence, the more chance you will like that title that you have open. It is useful if everyone talks about a series but you do not know if it fits with what you usually see.

Netflix match percentage

Order and ranks in recommendations

If you look at the rows of your profile and those of another user with whom you share an account (but not a profile) they are not the same. There is a difference. Netflix chooses the titles that are included in the rows and chooses the rows that will appear. Everything has a great level of personalization and the recommendations of Netflix, when it comes to showing on your screen, follow three different levels that we will see reflected:

  • The choice of the row
  • What titles appear in the row
  • In what order do those titles appear?

Netflix order and recommendations

For example, you can get a row of comedies, a row of competition Reality TV and a row of anime series. And if you go to the profile of someone you share an account with, they can get exciting TV Series, Emotive TV dramas or TV series about conspiracies. The rows are not the same in any user and are arranged according to what you have seen and what interests you. Also, they follow an order: the rows Most recommended appear at the top of the screen and the least recommended you will see as you go down or scroll.

Within a row there is also a hierarchy: the most recommended titles for you will appear always from left to right in each row. As you touch the arrow to go right, more will appear. The further away, the less recommended for you although within the recommendation of the theme that you like.

How to rate series or movies

One of the fundamental values ​​for Netflix’s recommendations is the evaluations we make of what we see. It will be one of the three criteria that the platform will take into account when choosing what it teaches you. So it is important that you value series or movies when you have already seen them.

For see your ratings, follow a few steps:

  • Open your Netflix account with username and password
  • Choose the profile you want
  • Tap on the top right
  • Open the “Account” option
  • Choose from all the profiles and open yours
  • Choose the “Ratings” option
  • Tap on “View”
  • You will see the evaluations you have made
  • Tap on the “x” if you want to delete any

Netflix Activity - Ratings

And how do we value? From the tab of each series or movie. That is, for the ratings to be added to this screen you will have to go to your Netflix page and choose the title you want. Next to the “+ My List” button you will see two thumbs up or down icons. Before you could rate with stars but now you just have to tap like or dislike for Netflix to take it into account for future recommendations for you.

Rate series

Viewing activity

Another factor that is taken into account when choosing Netflix recommendations are the things you have seen. Series, films, documentaries … What you have previously seen indicates that you liked this series if you have watched it to the end and have not abandoned it in the first ten minutes. So it is important that control your viewing activity If there is something you have seen out of boredom to the end (many times we are not able to leave it halfway) but you do not want anything related to that title. Just go to your profile and delete it:

  • Open your Netflix account
  • Choose your profile
  • Go to menu
  • Choose the “Account” option
  • Tap on “Viewing activity” and click on “View”
  • You will see all the titles and their dates
  • Tap the forbidden icon next to the title
  • You will delete the title you want from the list

Viewing activity

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