How Samsung will improve the cameras of its cheap phones

Samsung’s mid-range has improved notably since last year, with its family of Galaxy A. A range of phones that is being a success in Spain, as sales figures show. The brand has managed to create a competent family of phones, thanks to devices with good specifications and somewhat tighter prices.

Competition in this market segment is huge, so the brand is forced to constantly improve its phones. Samsung will continue to improve these mid-range models next year, improving their cameras noticeably with a new function, reserved until now for the high range.

Samsung bets on OIS stabilization

As reported by various media, Samsung is going to add Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on the cameras of their mid-range phones. The first model to make use of it would be the Galaxy A72, a device still unknown, but that seems to be a successor to the popular Galaxy A71 that was launched in Spain earlier this year.

Optical image stabilization, known as OIS, allows photos and videos get higher quality. This is possible because it eliminates blur. To make this possible, a sensor is mounted on the camera, which allows the lens to move in the opposite direction to the movement of the device, thereby eliminating such blur. This is a feature present in the high-end of the brands on Android, but would thus make its entry into a cheaper segment.

This Galaxy A72 would not be the only model of Samsung’s mid-range to get OIS stabilization in 2021. It is speculated that other phones such as the Galaxy A82 or Galaxy A92 may also have access to it sometime next year. At the moment there is no confirmation on what phones they will be, but at least it is good to see that the brand seeks to improve the quality of the photos taken with its mid-range phones.

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