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How the Android 11 on / off menu works

How the Android 11 on / off menu works


Among all the changes that have come to Android phones with the latest version Android 11 We have received a major change called the power off menu or also known as the power menu. Be that as it may, its possibilities are the same and we must confuse ourselves, it is a kind of quick step to the controls more related to daily life and that move away from settings of the smartphone itself.

From this menu we will have control of the home automation of our house and also of the payments with the mobile. Previously we had to explicitly access the applications intended for it, but now it is integrated in a better way, streamlining the process and improving the user experience.

Turn on / off menu on Android 11

By default this option is activated in Android 11 but if when we start our mobile for the first time we do not allow some accesses we can deactivate it. To modify this we just have to go to Settings> System> Gestures> Power menu. From this point we can also protect power menu with the option to hide sensitive content.

menu on off android 11

Here we have the possibility of activating the option of cards and passes or deactivating it when we think necessary, in addition to doing the same with the control of devices linked to our Google Home account.

Pay on Android 11

In order to pay faster in Android 11 we see this renewed menu of quick accesses where once we have configured our credit or debit card in Google Pay, it will appear on this screen at keep the off button pressed. For now, the system only works with Google Pay and there are no plans to integrate other alternatives.

pay menu on android 11

In addition to pay with all cards that we have available, we can touch the corner and click on see all, to use the loyalty cards. In case we have a ticket or ticket, it should also automatically appear here on the day its use is scheduled.

Faster device control

Home automation becomes more important for Google in the Android 11 shutdown menu And now we can control lamps, plugs or televisions without having to complicate ourselves. We only have to have them configured in Google Home and the system will automatically recognize them. If we do not want to have direct access to all of them, we only have to click on the top three points that appear and select them.

quick access android devices 11

Shortcuts in the Android 11 shutdown menu

To complete all the possibilities presented by this quick access that we are at the top with the most basic options such as the emergency button, turn off or restart. When we press the emergency button, an immediate call button is displayed to the emergency systems of the country where we are, something that we find out with the help of the location. At the top you can also see the medical or personal information that we have on the device.

emergency information android 11

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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