How to activate a screensaver on Samsung phones


As our smartphones have progressed technically, little by little they have been adopting many of the measures that were classically reserved for desktop PCs. No one will forget the classic Windows screensavers or even those of televisions or DVD players with logos bouncing off the screen on a black background. The Samsung mobiles can also activate their own screensavers, but luckily they are much more advanced than those.

A lifelong screen saver, it was intended to save power when the user was not using the PC. In this way, the screen could dim, and generally show dark backgrounds or small animations with which to hide the content of the screen and that this could go to a lower consumption mode. In mobiles this sense is lost in a certain way, since the screens already turn off automatically after a few seconds.

How to activate on Samsung

However, it can have an attractive visual seasoning and that is why Samsung mobiles integrate it. In this way, various images or colors can be seen when the screen automatically turns off and the device is charging. In order to activate this function we will have to go to the Settings menu and slide to the bottom to enter the “More options” section. we touch on the option “Screensavers” and slide the switch to activate the function.

screensavers on samsung

Once done we have several different options to be able to set a screensaver to our liking: Colors, Photos, Photo Frame and Photo Table.

  • Colors: when selecting this option, the screen will show different color screens in different gradients.
  • Photos: In this case we can make our own photos appear as wallpaper. It’s something that can be trickier for privacy, but just as colorful.
  • Photo frame: the classic digital photo frames, with different transitions
  • Photo Table: allows creating mosaics with different images that will appear randomly.

Once we have chosen the screensaver that we like the most, we can see a preview of it before confirming the selection.

screensavers on samsung

It’s a “screen saver”

As we commented at the beginning, we are facing a screensaver that does merely aesthetic work, since the best screensaver is to keep the screen offa and that already does the mobile automatically. It must be taken into account, therefore, that this function may make the battery take a little longer to charge and the terminal may become hot during charging.

Written by David Girao

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