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How to activate daily wallpapers on Motorola mobiles

How to activate daily wallpapers on Motorola mobiles


Change the wallpaper It is something of the most habitual. Our mobile can bring some pre-installed, although we can also download thousands to to be able to change even daily. Precisely for those who like to change their wallpaper often, Motorola mobiles offer an interesting option to make this change automatically.

The new generations have to know, that they don’t we could always change the background of our mobilel. Even in the early Nokia times, changing the tone was normal, but not the wallpaper. To achieve this, tedious modifications had to be made in the terminal code. Fortunately, changing the background is now as easy as entering a dedicated app for that purpose.

A new fund every 24 hours

Luckily, Motorola mobiles usually show few system modifications and although they are not part of the Android One program, we will find few additions from the brand. For this reason, the brand terminals make up the wallpaper tool as standard Google, which is the best to find funds and change them to our liking.

Inside the «Wallpapers» app

One of the most curious options is the one that allows change the wallpaper automatically every day. So we will always take our mobile with a different aspect without worrying about changing the background or having to find a new one. In order to do this, we will have to press and hold on the background image on the desktop to change it. At that time, our Moto will ask us with which app we want to open the background change, so we will have to select “Wallpapers”.

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Choose the category

Once inside we must enter one of the available categories and select the option “Daily Wallpaper” found in the upper left of the screen. Once the action is confirmed, the mobile will change its wallpaper every 24 hours. It will also do it in Wi-Fi connection so we will not have to worry about data expense. The funds will vary according to the chosen category, that is, if we have selected, for example, images of Earth and space, the theme that we will see will always go this way.

motorola wallpapers

To consider

Any type of dynamic system modification requires resources. In this case, the background running of the wallpapers app it is necessary to activate the daily background change. In addition, we must be sure to have enough memory so that the images can be downloaded. Likewise, it is important to be under a stable Wi-Fi network so that the fund can change, since if we are in a data network or without network coverage, the change will not be possible. Finally, keep in mind that this is a function that will consume a little more energy, so the battery life could be slightly reduced.

Written by David Girao

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