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In these times, it cannot be said that the user does not have enough options to have their mobile protected. Our privacy and personal data are too important not to be careful with them. For this reason, it is almost mandatory to have a pattern, pin or fingerprint unlock. Also, we can always resort to facial unlocking, as it happens in Xiaomi mobiles.

Secure unlock methods, which are intended to protect our mobile from unauthorized access, have been increasing over time. In addition to increasing in number they have done so in comfort. A pattern and a PIN can be more cumbersome methods, which require greater precision, because when we make a mistake, access to our mobile will be denied, so they are not the fastest methods. Also, a nearby person could easily pick up our access codes just by looking askance.

How facial unlock is activated

For this reason, the fingerprint and more specifically the facial unlocking, seem like two of the most comfortable methods. With the facial unlock we will only have to look at the screen of our mobile so that it recognizes our face and grants us access to the terminal. In order to activate it on Xiaomi phones we will have to do it using the following route:

Xiaomi face unlock 01

Settings / Passwords and Security / Face Unlock

Steps and recommendations

Once inside and taking into account that it will be the first time that we activate it, we will have to add our facial data. We will only have to follow the steps so that our face is registered, but before that and to ensure the greatest success, we will have to take into account the following:

  • Stand in a lighted place
  • That the whole face is visible
  • Don’t cover your face with anything

Then, the system will take care of finishing the process, making the scanning our face and filling the confirmation circle. When it finishes, we will only have to click on “Done” and the process will be over. To start facial unlocking we will only have to look at our mobile when the screen is locked and access our mobile.

Xiaomi face unlock

The drawbacks

Xiaomi itself warns that facial unlocking It is not exactly the safest method. It has a known security problem, which could allow an unauthorized person to access our mobile phone through a photo of us, other people or objects with similar similarities. This means that the pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint unlock are still more secure methods. Another drawback is that the face unlock can fail when the light conditions are adverse, something that does not happen with any of the previous options.

Written by David Girao

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