How to activate one-hand operation on Sony Xperia phones


Being able to handle a mobile with one hand and with total comfort is something that dates back to ancient times. As screens have grown, one-handed operation has made it more difficult to access certain menus, from one corner of the screen to another, or to type more comfortably without using two hands. Luckily, manufacturers like Sony include the solution in the settings themselves of screen.

Each manufacturer has a favorite screen format. This can help more or less one-handed operation, but taking into account that 6 inches is a standard and that almost all new mobiles start from that border, the one-hand operation becomes complicated, and more in people with a small palm. That is why you have to look for ingenious and alternative solutions that improve the experience.

Activate one-hand operation on Sony

In addition to screen size, manufacturers are betting on various ratios, as is the case with Sony, which in its latest terminals has opted for the 21: 9 widescreen format. According to the Japanese company, it is the best for consuming multimedia content or playing games, but is once again a format that in one-hand operationDespite being a narrower screen, it is taller and it is difficult to access the upper or lower parts of the screen with one hand.

For this reason, in times when we cannot, or simply want to comfortably handle our Sony Xperia with one hand, the ideal is to activate the dedicated mode. With this mode we can adjust the size of the screen to be able to write more easily with one hand or reach certain functions. To activate it, it is as simple as going to the following route:

Settings / Display / Advanced / One Hand Mode / Activate

sony one-hand operation

Shrink the screen

Once done, we will see how the screen is automatically reduced. Now we will have some options at our fingertips. If we want reduce the screen we will have to press twice on the start button. Likewise, to exit one-handed mode, we can press the start button twice again, or click on an empty area of ​​the screen.

Adjust your position

In the same way, we can adjust the position of the screen to place it to our liking where it suits us best. To move the screen we will have to click on the right or left icons as appropriate. In the same way, we can move the screen up or down, dragging the horizontal bands located on the edge of the resized screen.


Finally, we can change the screen size by dragging the icons screen size, which are located on the edge of the resized screen. There is also a lesser known trick to shrink the screen, using the side sensor menu.

Written by David Girao

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