How to activate one-handed display usage on a Realme


The screens of our mobiles are getting bigger, and those of Realme they are not exactly an exception. For little money we can find 6.5-inch screens. Screens that cannot reach all hands, for that reason you can make use of one of the one-hand mode of screen of these phones.

There are small hands that cannot reach everything on a mobile screen today, it is a reality, but we must thank that manufacturers give great importance to this fact, and for that reason the vast majority have modes One-handed use.

How does this one-handed mode work?

Until recently mobile phones with 5.5-inch screens were considered large, and manufacturers began to introduce these modes to control the phone with one hand. So if you are here it is because your Realme phone has a much larger screen than this and it is still difficult, or more, for you to get to everything on the screen. For that reason there are these one-handed modes, which are also activated in the most comfortable and simple way, with a simple gesture.

screen one hand Realme

Well, the cape Realme UI It has many perfect functions to customize our terminal. And one of these options is the one-handed mode, which we already find in most mobiles to help those little hands that cannot access all the content on the screen due to their size. It is very easy to access this mode, which basically does is reduce the size of the display interface to be able to reach the entire surface of the system menus. In addition, the mode is activated and deactivated with a simple gesture when we need it.

So you can activate it

With mobiles that generally exceed six inches in size, Realme has this mode in its software layer. We can activate it as follows:

  • Access phone settings
  • Enter the “Convenience Tools” menu
  • Click on “Navigation buttons”
  • Select the “Swipe Down to Activate One-Handed Mode” button

Once we have activated this mode we can reduce the screen very easily thanks to a gesture. Just have to swipe down from the bottom of the screen, at which point the entire screen will be compressed into a space approximately two thirds the size of the phone screen, reaching everything more easily.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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