How to activate Safe Mode on Sony Xperia phones


At MovilZona we frequently talk to you about all the problems associated with our mobiles. The solutions that we offer are usually very varied depending on the brand or the specific problem. However, there is a solution that always comes up and that can also be activated in the Sony phones, such as Safe Mode.

Activating Safe Mode is something that is often done differently, depending on the manufacturer, the design of the mobile, the operating system or the customization layer. That is why we wanted to take a look to see how to activate it in the Sony Xperia, not without first remembering how useful this function is and how essential it is on many occasions.

What is Safe Mode for

It is not something new that many of the Downloaded apps may affect performance of our mobile or cause it to behave unexpectedly. Safe Mode allows you to check if any downloaded application causes the problem.

In safe mode, our Sony Xperia will only start with the software and applications that were already installed as standard. If the performance of the device improves in this mode and the problem does not appear, it is very possible that one or more downloaded applications are having a negative effect. Thus, We can eliminate applications from the most recent to the oldest installation, in order to solve the problem.

How is it activated in the Sony Xperia?

In order to activate Safe Mode, we must have the mobile on and hold down the “power” button. Once done, a pop-up menu will appear, in which we will have to press and hold “Power off” until the message appears, “Reboot in Safe Mode.” Now we will only have to click on “OK” for the terminal to start in this way.

restart safe mode

Exit Safe Mode

To be able to exit this mode after completing the corresponding troubleshooting tasks, you just have to restart the mobile. In this way it will turn on again in the normal state, with the loading of all third-party applications and processes that are scheduled at system startup.

Problems getting out of Safe Mode

Sony itself alerts problems that could arise when trying to leave Safe Mode. If we have trouble doing this by restarting the device, we will have to perform the following tests:

  • Remove Protective Covers – A cover could interfere with one of the physical buttons on the device and prevent it from starting properly.
  • Make sure the volume button, power button, and camera button respond properly and are not locked in position.
  • Make sure to only touch “Power off” when restarting the device, without holding it down.

Written by David Girao

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