How to activate smart driving mode on a Realme mobile


Phones Realme They already occupy a privileged place among mid-range and entry-level mobiles, even in our country, where they already offer a wide range of terminals at really reasonable prices. Today we tell you one of the most interesting ways that these phones have, such as “smart driving” to drive safer.

This is a way designed to make it easier for us to go behind the wheel of our car while staying connected to our mobile phone, always prioritizing driving safety. A way that can make our car trips much more productive and safe.

What is Smart Driving Mode for?

This mode has been exclusively designed to be used while driving our car. Once we activate this mode, the Realme phone adapts its functionalities to those of something as important as driving. When this mode is activated, the bluetooth of our Realme turns on to connect with that of the car radio. Within this mode we find an assistant to connect directly to bluetooth kits, and thus adapt its operation to these while driving. In addition, the do not disturb mode can be adapted to our needs also within this intelligent driving mode.

How is this driving mode activated?

Well, to activate this mode we must do the following:

  • Enter the Realme UI settings on your mobile
  • Click on “smart services”
  • Enter “smart driving”
  • Activate “smart driving” by clicking on the slider

Realme smart driving

Once activated we can configure two aspects in this way. One is that of do not disturb mode while driving, in which we can choose the following options:

  • Allow calls: we can choose who can call us while we drive
  • We can activate the speaker on incoming calls
  • “Urgent” calls– The phone will allow a call to ring if it is repeated within three minutes of the first call
  • You can also activate a function to send messages to the sender of a call after rejecting it
  • We can also choose whether we want the popup notifications while we drive

Realme smart driving

Finally, we can Quickly activate this “smart driving” mode from the quick shortcuts of our Realme mobile. To do this we must edit this area that we access by sliding your finger down from the upper edge of the screen.

Realme smart driving

Normally, the icon, in which you can see a car, is already configured at the factory, but if not, click on the pencil icon and add it. In this way we can activate the mode instantly.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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