How to activate the Android Airdrop, Nearby Share, on your phone

It’s been a long time since there is talk of the arrival of an own Airdrop to Android. Google showed this feature on video a few weeks ago and its launch was recently made official. Nearby Share is the name of this function, which in Spanish will be called Share with Nearby and can be activated now on Android phones, also in Spain.

Google has started to release this feature already among users on Android, so they will be able to activate it on their phones. You probably already It is possible to activate this Google Airdrop on your mobile. In order to have Nearby Share on your phone, you have to follow a few steps.

Activate Nearby Share on Android

This new feature will make use of Google Play services to work, so that as many Android phones as possible are going to be able to have it. Thanks to it we will be able to send files to people who are close to us at the time. It is possible to send documents, an image, videos or even the APK of an application. One of the aspects of interest is being able to choose the transfer system, since it uses WiFi, Bluetooth or data.

In order to activate this Nearby Share on our Android mobile, we have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter the Google section.
  3. Tap Device connections.
  4. Enter the option Share with Nearby.
  5. Activate this option.

With these steps we have already activated this function, although it is likely that it will not come out yet. The best way to have Nearby Share on Android is be a beta tester for Google Play Services, a program that you can join at this link. It is the best method to force this feature to appear on your phone. Although it may not work on all phones, in my case it has been possible (Galaxy S20 +), but it depends on the phone layer and the version of Android I use.

If you already have this function activated and you have another contact that already uses Nearby Share, you can send files in this way. Furthermore, you are given the possibility to add a button in quick settings, so you can easily enable or disable this function. At the time of sharing a file, in the share menu itself you will then get Nearby Share on Android, to use that method if you wish.

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