How to activate the borderless screen of a Motorola Edge


He Motorola Edge It is one of the most surprising mobiles of the moment, of that there is no doubt, and it is above all for its curved screen, which for some may even be excessive if we compare it with other similar mobiles such as Samsung. Today we tell you a trick to take more advantage of the screen, literally.

The curved screen is not only an excellent aesthetic resource, but it can also be something quite practical that can help us enjoy more information on the screen edges and use them to the extreme. The Motorola interface It has been adapted to this screen and allows us to choose how far the curve is used.

Take apps beyond the curve

That is the trick that we tell you today about this Motorola Edge, a functionality that allows us show apps beyond the curve itself of the telephone. As for color tastes, there are users who like the curve aesthetically, but not so that the apps are seen in the curve itself. Instead there are users who want to also take advantage of this curve so that the applications also expand, and take advantage of it to display information.

Motorola Edge Edge Screen

Without expanded edges and with expanded edges

In this way you can choose that the graphics, icons or texts of the different apps have the front edge of the screen as a limit, or that take advantage of the curve to its extreme, even if it is already on the curved edge of the screen. Therefore we can choose between both displays, the one that takes advantage of the curve or the one that leaves the curve free of any type of element. This is something that shows that Motorola has cared for all users and has not wanted to impose the design, but rather make it the most useful for each user.

How to choose each type of display?

As we say Motorola has adapted the visual interface for the peculiarities of the curved screen of this phone. Therefore in the terminal settings we can find an option to carry the elements of the apps to the edge of the screen. To do this, do the following in the settings of the Motorola Edge:

  • Enter the Motorola Edge settings
  • Access the “Screen” menu
  • Tap on “borderless screen”

Motorola Edge Edge Screen

Now you’ll see a list of apps installed on your mobile, from which you can choose whether or not they will take their elements to the end of the curved screen. By activating this functionality, you can enjoy a more immersive experience, by integrating the interface of the app and its elements in the curve of the screen. When we deactivate this function, the apps will be displayed exclusively on the flat part of the screen, filling the curved part of it with flat colors.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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