How to activate the full screen on Xiaomi phones


Little by little, mobile screens have become the key point of smartphones, which has allowed us to enjoy content on an increasingly larger screen with a construction that has eliminated frames. In Xiaomi smartphones we also have a series of options known as fullscreen that allows us to personalize our experience with MIUI.

These options began to be integrated in MIUI 10, they are present in turn in MIUI 11 and continue in MIUI 12. Among the ins and outs of the Xiaomi mobile settings We will find variations and modifications that will make us customize the experience to our liking regardless of the model.

Full screen mode on Xiaomi phones

This mode tries to offer us a solution to enjoy the screen of our mobile without having to live with the on-screen buttons or the top bar that tries to hide the notch. An option that can be ignored or combined with other modes that we will see below. To enjoy the full screen in MIUI we will only have to follow these steps:

full screen xiaomi

  • We start by going into the mobile settings.
  • Then click on the screen.
  • Finally we will enter full screen mode.

In this section all the apps that we have on our mobile will appear, both those of the system itself and those that we have installed manually. Just by marking or flaking the apps we will be telling our mobile that take advantage of the entire front of the screen regardless of the bottom bar or the type of notch we have. For example, to play video on YouTube can be very useful.

Enjoy more screen throughout the MIUI system

The option that we have been able to see previously is fine for specific cases or specific applications, but what happens if we want to enjoy the entire screen on Xiaomi always. This can be solved in two ways, which may vary depending on our model.

Use Xiaomi gestures

If we get rid of the buttons that appear on the screen and choose to use the increasingly popular gestures, we will be gaining a fabulous space to See more content in MIUI. A simple process that we will obtain in the following way:

xiaomi gestures

  • We access the settings of our Xiaomi mobile.
  • Then we turn to additional settings.
  • We choose the option to play full screen.
  • Finally we will have to change the option to put it in full screen.

Don’t hide the notch and you’ll win an extra screen

There are many Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO devices that have notch and therefore use the same MIUI system to hide it. Although it is a very useful function if we want to go back to the past with screens without holes or these measurements, but nevertheless it also makes us lose screen on Xiaomi.

hide notch xiaomi and redmi

To recover it we will only have to enter Settings> Display> Notch and status bar> Hide notch. The ideal choice for get the full screen of our Xiaomi mobile is the one that does not hide the notch and leaves it as it is.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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