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Our mobile receives continuous alert messages in the form of notifications. Whether by messaging applications, calls or SMS that resist disappearing. In the moments when we need total silence, silent mode is usually salvation, but even within this mode, there are alerts or notifications that can skip this silence and make our mobile ring.

Whether it is because we have configured certain contacts as priority or the blissful alarms that have stayed programs and can even sound with the mobile in silence, it is difficult to find a way that allows us to have total peace without having to turn off the device. However, the mobiles of Samsung have a hidden trick that enables total calm, that is to say, an immutable silence and that will not be altered by anything, until we decide to deactivate it.

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Total silence mode

The function that truly silences all the sounds of our Samsung Galaxy, is within the accessibility options. This means that it is more hidden since it is not in the most visible sound settings in the settings menu. Keep in mind that the main function of this mode of total silence, is to be able to assist people with deaf or a high degree of deafness, to whom, beyond the classic vibration, the sounds of the mobile are useless. In this way, people with this disability can even save battery by deactivating all sounds. However, it is an option that can be exploited by any user since its activation, despite being more hidden, is available to everyone.

How active

In this way we will ensure that in a meeting or moments of total relaxation, Let us be 100% certain that our Galaxy will not emit any sound, no matter how high the notification or call that comes in. To be able to the total silence mode we will have to go to Settings enter the “Accessibility” options.

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Don’t forget to disable it

Once inside, we must tap on the option “Hearing” or “Hearing enhancements”. Once inside we will see a switch called “Silence all sounds”. When activated, the mode will already be active and our terminal will not emit any sound. Keep in mind that even if the mobile is in Sound mode, we will not receive any sound alert. It is important to remember it, since we must retrace our steps and deactivate the option, when we want everything to return to normal and we no longer need total silence.

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