How to activate the Google assistant with a button on a Motorola mobile


The Google assistant has become an essential element of our Android mobiles, because thanks to it we can access a multitude of functions with voice commands or by entering searches from the terminal keyboard. If you have a Motorola mobile, you have the opportunity to directly access the assistant from a physical button.

There are many mobiles that come with a dedicated physical button to access the google assistantAnd this is definitely a feature that many users value on a phone. In this way we can access this assistant without having to proclaim it to everyone around us with a voice command.

Access the wizard with the power button

If we don’t have a dedicated physical button, we can create it ourselves in the case of having a Motorola mobile. For this we can access the phone settings to configure a direct access to this functionality on the power button of the phone. Motorola mobiles have many customization options among which are these interesting features. In order to access this functionality we must do the following:

  • Enter the system settings of your Motorola
  • Click on “System”
  • Select “Gestures”
  • Secondly we have the function that interests us
  • Click on “Press the power key twice”

Motorola mobile google assistant

Once we do, we have three different options to assign this action to the power key of our Motorola. We can choose not to assign any function, that the camera is run when we use it, and finally we have the “Run Wizard” option which is what really interests us at the moment. That is the function that we must leave activated to be able to run the Google assistant with the screen off and the phone locked by pressing twice on the power key of our Motorola mobile.

Motorola mobile google assistant

More discreet activation

In this way we avoid having to invoke the Google assistant with voice commands, something that is very comfortable, but sometimes it is not the most indicated when we are surrounded by people or in a place where silence should be the maximum. In this way, discreetly, you only have to press twice on the power button to be able to run the wizard without anyone else noticing. One more feature of Motorola mobiles that adds to all the Moto actions that they have, and that makes them some of the most customizable phones on the market today.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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