How to activate the new Windows 10 start menu

The new Windows 10 start menu is in the works with a version that is close to what the future Windows 10X will offer. Microsoft wants to close – once and for all – the enormous debate that has weighed in recent years on this component.

Microsoft included it last week as one of the novelties of the latest version for Windows 10 Insider, build 20161. But very few have been able to activate it. Microsoft releases new features to the test channel, but only a small part of the evaluators have access. Also, these builds often contain hidden non-active features for upcoming releases. However, there is the possibility of activating functions manually in Insider Builds as they explain to us from Windows United.

How to activate the new Windows 10 start menu

If you are testing Windows 10 build 20161 it is very simple using a small open source tool called ViveTool, which we have seen on other occasions to perform these tricks and activate functions that are not generally available. In the case of the new Windows 10 start menu, the function is called “23615618 2”. Follow these steps:

  • Download ViveTool v0.2.0 and Extract the .zip file into the folder of your choice. Use a folder that you have well located. We have created one in C: ViveTool, but you can use any other.
  • Access the Windows command line as administrator.
  • Enter the path where you unpacked the tool. For the example: C: ViveTool (or where you have unzipped it)
  • Type and run the command “ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2” (without the quotes)

Restart your PC and you should already have the new Windows 10 start menu active. A cleaner, modern, attractive, integrated design with the rest of the interface under the Fluent Design language that Microsoft is using throughout the system and with the possibility of disabling the «Live Tiles» tiles, transforming them into new design static icons.

new Windows 10 start menu

We do not think this is the last time we talk about this menu, but it is close to what users have been asking for years: something close to that of modernized Windows 7.

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