How to activate the screen lighting effects on a Realme


The LED Notifications have become a rare feature on our Android phones. These were essential in all terminals that reached the market, but the increase in the size of the screens and the elimination of the edges has led to their almost absolute disappearance. But in the case we have an interesting alternative.

Because for lack of a LED of notifications, good is an alternative that can show us in an effective way that we have received a new notification, even with the phone locked and with the screen off.

Use light effects

Our Realme phones have a fairly complete software layer, such as the Realme UI. This offers us the possibility of customizing many features of the phone, and one of them is the lighting effects. An effect that can somehow replace the charismatic notification LED that Android phones had. Well, in order to activate these lighting effects we must do the following on our Realme mobile:

  • Access phone settings
  • Enter the section “Screen and brightness”
  • Click on the “Screen Light Effects” button

This is the section in which we will be able to configure to our liking how notifications based on light effects are displayed on the screen. The idea is supply the presence of the notification LED and to know precisely what type of notification we have received based on the color of these lighting effects. Within this section we have several options.

Realme screen

Notifications with locked screen

By activating this option light effects are activated for all incoming calls. Below we have the option to activate the lighting effects also for the phone lock screen, by doing so we will be able to see two new accessible options. One is to choose the light color tone for incoming calls, which can be neon purple, ocean blue, or amber orange. In the same menu we can also choose the light color for the lock screen notifications, which can be the same colors.

By activating it when notifications related to these cases are received, we will see how a colored ring illuminates the entire screen of the phone when it is with the screen off. In this way somehow we get the utility of the LED of notifications, but captured on the entire surface of the screen, around it. It is certainly a feature that will come in handy for those times when we do not want to disturb, and continue to know what comes to our phone.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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