How to activate the "Swipe to call" function on Samsung mobiles


Although messaging programs are the order of the day, mobiles are still being used for what they were conceived for, making calls. Also, some homesick people continue to send text messages, although the latter are more in danger of extinction than calls. In any case, Samsung mobiles have a hidden but very useful function for making calls or send messages very quickly. The method allows you to perform a simple gesture, sliding a finger, to start making the call or sending the message instantly.

It is normal that many of the functions of our mobile are more hidden than others. This is the case since customization layers such as OneUI, increasingly integrate options that must be anchored in menus and their corresponding sub-menus within the device settings. This causes the user to lose on many occasions those that could be very useful. You only have to dig into these menus to realize that some of the these tricks can become a must-have in our day to day and the experience with the terminal. In this case, the function is carried out with the way we make calls, which by the way, is still one of the main tasks of every smartphone, despite the large number of extra functions.

Activate the «Swipe to call» function

Luckily, in MovilZona we show you all these options and we show you how to easily activate them. Therefore, let’s see how make calls or messages faster on Samsung mobiles thanks to the “Swipe to call / send message” function.

To do this we will have to enter the Settings menu and click on the option “Advanced Functions” Once inside we go down to “Movements and gestures” and click to access. Once inside this menu we will see the box that activates the function “Swipe to call / send messages” We will only have to touch the switch for it to be operational.

swipe to call on Samsung

Now every time we are in the app “Phone” “Contacts” and “Messages” we can perform these quick actions. To make a call, slide your finger to the right over the name of the contact. On the contrary, to send a message we must swipe left on the name of our contact. In this way we will not have to select the contact and click on the call or message icon, since we save this step thanks to this quick gesture.

Written by David Girao

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