How to activate the video toolbox on Xiaomi


Since MIUI 12 has made its appearance we do not stop seeing new changes and news that we are wanting to try, which sometimes like this time we can try MIUI 11 and even MIUI 10. This time we will know the xiaomi video toolbox or also known as a video toolbox that allows us to get more out of multimedia content.

With this function we will be able to watch YouTube videos with the screen off, record pieces of the video or take screenshots, among other things, like talking to friends at the same time. A highly anticipated feature but which is not officially available on all Xiaomi phones unless we follow the steps that we are going to explain. The firm is getting used to adding functions little by little and in this case it is no different, so we will have to force it ourselves.

Activate the video toolbox in MIUI

What we have to do to access this function video on Xiaomi to start is to check first hand if it already appears on our mobile, since the deployment of the function has already begun for devices with MIUI 11. We enter to find out in Settings> Special functions and we should find the toolbox option of video. From here it will be very easy to activate it although not all have them.

xiaomi video tools

For those who have MIUI 10 or even MIUI 11 but it doesn’t work, we will have to download the latest version of the Xiaomi launcher as if it were another external application. After having installed it, we will have to go back to Settings> Special functions and check if it now appears available.

Can’t you use it? Follow these steps on your Xiaomi

In some smartphones, the steps we have taken will not be enough to access the added video options we have to get a little more complicated. The first thing will be to change the region of our mobile as we have done on other occasions. We will do it by going to Settings> Additional settings> Region and we will choose India instead of Spain.

change region xiaomi miui

Possibly this is not enough either, having to follow one last step with which it will be final. MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 They have limitations that we can skip by activating their hidden options, which we will do like this:

activate xiaomi video toolbox video toolbox

  • First of all we are going to download Activity Launcher on our Xiaomi.
  • After having installed it, we will have to use the search engine to find the “toolbox” option.
  • We click on this option and it will take us to the option.

Now that the whole process is complete it will only be a matter of choosing the applications where we want to use it, for example YouTube. When we go to one of these apps, we will slide our finger on the top in a practically invisible bar that will be next to the one we have chosen, then we will be able to see and use all its functions.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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