How to activate weather forecast on Samsung calendar


The calendar is one of the functions most used by many users. Some prefer to download their own applications, although many manufacturers natively integrate a calendar full of functions. This is the case of Samsung, whose calendar can schedule all kinds of appointments and reminders, although the information it can provide can go much further. adding information about the weather.

In a way, our plans are often contingent on the weather. That is, many of the events we plan on the calendar They can change depending on whether it is going to rain or we will have a splendid sun. In many occasions, the weather is responsible for whether or not this barbecue will finally be done outdoors, or if it is the ideal day to wash the car.

Weather on the calendar

The good news is that Samsung’s calendar allows us have detailed information about the weather, something that we can see above each day in each corresponding box. However, having information about the time on the calendar is a function that despite being very useful, is disabled by default.

How active

In order to activate this function, we will have to slide our finger up or down on the screen to access the applications. After we will have to look for the Samsung Calendar. Once inside, we will touch on the three points in the upper left and then on the gear that gives access to the adjustments.

time on samsung calendar

Controlled days and weeks

Now, we will have to find the function “Show weather forecast” and activate the corresponding switch. Before activating the function, we will be notified that the Samsung Weather Widget needs to be added to the home screen, so we will have to tap on “OK”. Once done, we can see the weather forecast, which will appear in the days of next week. This way it is easier to make plans or take appointments into account, seeing at a glance the weather forecast for that day. As with other weather representations, we can see sun, clouds or rain depending on the day and in real time.

time on Samsung calendar 01

Weather settings

At the time of activating the function, we will see a small option to modify the weather settings. This allows us to change the city on which our forecast depends, since if we travel, for example, for work, we may not need the calendar to always show the same weather forecast.

Written by David Girao

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