How to add a shortcut to update a Xiaomi mobile


Our phones must be updated regularly to give the best of themselves, as long as those updates remain active on the terminal. And the way to access them is not always the simplest for users, so today we propose to include a direct access to update Xiaomi mobile on your home screen.

Normally there are several ways to access system updates, but with this trick you will be able to access it instantly from the desktop or home screen of your Xiaomi mobile, whatever you want to call this area where we can add shortcuts to mobile apps and actions.

Add a shortcut to the home screen

That is the key of the process that we want to explain to you, and that allows us to be much easier to access all the updates of our Xiaomi phone from the most accessible place possible. In this case we are talking about a shortcut on the phone’s home screen, as if it were just another app or widget. Well, in order to activate it we must go to MIUI settings on our phone. For this we must do the following:

  • Enter the phone settings
  • Access system updates
  • Enter the update settings
  • Access the “Others” section

update Xiaomi mobile

There we will be able to find the option we are looking for, which is «Add shortcut on the home screen»Which is what will allow us to access the phone updates quickly when we want. What this function does when we activate it is to add an icon with direct access to the updates of the operating system. Once we have chosen the option, when we return to the desktop, the shortcut appears with the process of updates.

update Xiaomi mobile

Now you just have to click on it to be able to access the system updates of the terminal, and check if there are news in this regard for your Xiaomi. So you no longer have an excuse for not keeping your phone updated, due to the fact that access to those updates is not available. Normally it is much more difficult to access these updates, and not all people have the knowledge or the habit of accessing them, so this type of trick will undoubtedly come in handy to continue keeping the phone updated with little effort.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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