How to add different shortcuts on Motorola mobiles


Among all the large number of functions that our mobile has, a large part are designed to make tasks get done faster. That is why shortcuts are created, functions are activated by gestures or even shaking the mobile can be used to activate a certain action, as can be done with Moto gestures. That is why today we wanted to take a look at how to create shortcuts on the desktop on the mobiles of Motorola.

On the desktop of our Motorola, we can not only have the classic shortcut icons or the famous widgets. We can also create true shortcuts so that with just a touch, we can perform tasks that would otherwise take longer. In this way, we can create shortcuts for applications, task shortcuts or even web page shortcuts.

All shortcuts to add to the desktop

Add application shortcuts

It is the most classic and simple method and allows adding application icons to the desktop. To do we will have to slide your finger from bottom to top from the bottom to open the list of applications. Once done, keep the application pressed and drag it to an empty place on the screen. We can also move it towards the edge of the screen to place it in a new panel.

Add task shortcuts

This is one of the most interesting options of this type of shortcuts. We can create shortcuts to the actions of a certain application. For example, just by touching the icon we can go directly to compose a new email or instantly enter a certain WhatsApp conversation. The most common examples are:

  • Gmail: create a new email AND Open for a specific account
  • Maps: go to work or go to main
  • Youtube: Search, Subscriptions and Trends
  • Chrome: new incognito tab and new tab
  • Calendar: new reminder or New event
  • Messages: open newest conversation or new conversation
  • Clock: start screen saver, start stopwatch, create new timer or create new alarm
  • Setting: battery, data usage or Wi-Fi

motorola apps

In order to add task shortcuts to the desktop, we will have to press the icon of an application. At that time we will see the available task shortcuts. If we touch one of them once, we will normally access the task. But since what interests us is to anchor it, we will have to press and drag the task to an empty space on the main screen

Add web page shortcuts

Likewise, we can add shortcuts to web pages. This also saves us one step, since we may have access to favorites within our browser, but with this system we will go faster to the websites that we visit frequently. In order to add these shortcuts we will have to open Chrome and navigate to the web in question. Then we tap on “Add to Main Screen”. We can even edit the name and click on “Add” to confirm. As we have seen before, we can hold down the icon to drag it to the place we want on the main screen.

Written by David Girao

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