How to add emergency information on Android

You may not know it, but adding emergency information to your mobile can save your life.

It’s one of the lesser-known Android features, but it can literally save your life. The option of add emergency information It has been present in the operating system for several years, but many users still do not use it, either because they are unaware of its existence or because they really do not know how to configure this utility.

So today we want to explain everything you need to know about emergency information on Android. What is it for, and how can you add it to your mobile.

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Adding emergency information gives you the possibility to recover your mobile if you lose it

What is the use of adding emergency information to an Android mobile?

Virtually all mobiles on the market with recent versions of Android include the option of add emergency information. As its name points out, this function is intended to store personal data about us, so other people can access them in case of an emergency and need assistance.

Among the data that can be stored, we find medical information how can ours be blood group, allergies, medication or home address The latter is especially useful in case of loss of the device. You can also add other medical notes and show whether or not we are organ donors.

In addition, emergency information also allows select emergency contacts whom to call if you are unable to call by ourselves. In the case of some models such as the Google Pixels, in addition, this function also includes tools such as automatic detection of car accidents, although this is only available in some regions.

All the aforementioned information can be configured so that appears visible even when the device is locked, so that it is not necessary to unlock it in order to access the emergency data.

How to add your emergency information

Now that it’s clear what it is and what it is for adding emergency information to an Android mobile, it is time to do it on our devices. Before, however, it should be noted that this information is stored privately on the device and is not shared with third parties. Therefore, it will be necessary to reconfigure the medical information every time we change our mobile. That said, the steps to follow – they are very similar in the vast majority of Android mobiles on the market – are as follows:

  1. Open the “System Settings” application on your device and go to the “Phone Information” section.

  2. Find the “Emergency Information” section and tap on it.

  3. Access each of the menu sections to add your emergency data.

  4. When you’re done, you can check the “Show with device locked” option if you want other people to be able to access emergency contacts and medical information when necessary, directly from the lock screen.

That’s it. Now, your emergency data is now available so that other people can access them if necessary. To do this, simply access the phone’s lock screen and tap on the “Emergencies” button. There will appear all the information you have added in the previous process, as well as the contacts whom to call in an emergency.

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