How to adjust the white balance of the screen on a Sony Xperia


The screens of our mobiles are becoming more sophisticated, and of course, they are increasingly offering better quality in the images and videos that we see on them. And although they usually look great in and of themselves, there are adjustments that can make the colors and contrasts stand out better in these screens. If you have a Sony Xperia mobileThis adjustment is key to improving the viewing experience.

A good white balance is essential for an optimal display of our phone’s screen, a well-balanced white is as important as a deep black. Today we propose you to adjust the white balance of your phone Xperia In a simple way.

White is key to a good visual experience

A correct white on the phone screen is basic, normally in most of the apps we use, unless they use a dark mode, the color white predominates. And this one is not always as white as we would like.

Xperia 10 II

Many displays tend to bluish whites, while others yellow it. The idea is that white looks white, since it depends on this detail that we can enjoy a more natural and closer to reality generic color. For this reason we must adjust the white in the best possible way in order to enjoy vivid images and colors.

So you can adjust the white of your Sony

It is something that we should do whenever we can, since we usually get used to the appearance of the screen and we do not usually ask for much more than necessary. Well, in order to access this setting we must do the following:

  • Turn off automatic brightness
  • Now enter the Xperia settings
  • Access «screen»
  • Click on “white balance”

It is here where we can access that menu where we can adjust the whites of the screen to our liking. The goal is to move the different settings until the white of our screen is really white, and not with a blue or yellow tint as usual. Achieving this we will see how the other colors stand out more, because they have their real appearance, or at least as close to it.

sony xperia display

We will notice a good white balance in all facets of the phone and watching any content, from a series to a movie or a video game. In all of them we will see white in white and the most intense colors. And even more so if next to this adjustment we also choose a vivid color tone.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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