Do not disturb mode while driving in iOS 11

Now that we are in summer and possibly because of the COVID-19 you plan to take a trip with your car, it is important that you put the smartphone aside on the road and what better than activating do not disturb mode when driving automatically when you get in the car and be on the road.

This option is usually disabled on our iPhone and to activate it we have to follow some simple steps that we are going to show you below. Also if you have CarPlay in your car you can activate the option to do it every time you use it.

How to activate the do not disturb mode when driving automatically

Do not disturb when driving

It is a simple option to carry out and we definitely recommend activating for those who use the car constantly. You just have to access the IPhone settings, access the “Do not disturb” option and search for the option “Do not disturb when driving”. Here we have three options to choose from:

  • Automatically
  • When connecting to car Bluetooth
  • Manually

Logically the option that most interests you may be the first or second, but also at the bottom of these three options we find the one that allows you to activate the function when connecting to CarPlay, so we simply activate the option and voila, When we connect the iPhone to the cable of our car, the Do not disturb function will be activated.

It is important to know that in addition We can edit the automatic responses to our favorite contacts, anyone, recent or all when they send us a text message. The automatic response configured by Apple explains that we are driving with the do not disturb mode and others, but we can edit this message to our liking.