How to be the MVP of any game in Call of Duty: Mobile

These are the best tips to become the MVP.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, both in Multiplayer and in Battle Royale, players can be classified as Most Valuable Player “MVP”, which is taken as a medal that refers to the best player of the game or team. This not only serves as an acknowledgment, but also, in this video game they grant more experience points, and that is something that many players seek, but not all have the happiness of becoming MVP in games.

If you are starting and you have not yet achieved it, or you want to be a MVP more often in any game modality, you have to take into account different parameters to be the most detailed player in the game. For that reason, below we leave you the best tips that you must follow to the letter to have a better chance of being the MVP.

Do not die

Call of Duty: Mobile

Death – Call of Duty: Mobile

Deaths are one of the reasons that cause you to lose points at the end of the game, that’s why you should try to die as little as possible, since they classify you as an innate survivor of the game. Without a doubt, it is of utmost importance to keep this in mind, so take care of your back and be fast wherever you go.

Make many casualties

Call of Duty: Mobile

Low – Call of Duty: Mobile

Obviously, you can avoid dying by hiding and waiting, but that it’s no use if you don’t contribute your team and your points, because you have to dedicate yourself to make many enemy eliminations so that your points go up. If you are the one who has made the most casualties of all in the game at a general level, it is sure that you will become the MVP, since most of the time this is why they give you such recognition.

Make Assists

Call of Duty: Mobile

Assists – Call of Duty: Mobile

You can add assists to casualties, helping friends to eliminate the enemies, or even to eliminate some of them that a companion has already had the opportunity to lose his life. This is secondary, since it usually happens mostly by chance, but it is beneficial for you and the team.

Get bonuses

Call of Duty: Mobile

Bonuses – Call of Duty: Mobile

Last but not least, there are the bonuses, those tabs that appear at the top of the screen when you make low with accurate shots, for example in the head or chest, when you perform elimination combos, you use skills effectively and many things of this style. This is also very good to classify as MVP.

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