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How to better protect your Google account with your mobile

How to better protect your Google account with your mobile


In our Google profile we can have a lot of relevant information, among all that we can save we find Google Photos, backup copies or passwords and cards. For this reason Google has wanted to add an extra security from the hand of smartphones and allows us to make the mobile the best method for protect Google account as well as all the data.

Using the method that we are going to explain, nobody will be able to access our information without having access to our smartphone. With this we will be protected at all times and know that no one will have the possibility of accessing private data. There are two methods to do it, we will show you both so that later you can choose the one you prefer or combine both for maximum security.

Access your account with your mobile

With this first option, our smartphone will be necessary to log into google, something that facilitates the task on computers or other devices. As long as we have it at hand we can use it to enter the unlock pattern or method that we usually use and it will immediately enter the device where you are trying. What we should do is the following:

mobile google account

  • We enter the Settings of our smartphone.
  • We go to the accounts option and enter.
  • We tap on the main Google account.
  • Then we enter where it says.

After having completed these steps, the two options that we can choose from will appear. The one we know in this first case is to log in with the help of a mobile phone on other devices.

mobile log in google

When we activate it it will allow us to make a test to see if it works without failures. After completing all the test steps it will allow us to activate it and from that moment it will always work. We do not always have to carry the mobile with us because we can also continue logging in with the classic password in this method.

Protect Google account with two-step verification

The following method is different, since by activating it we are telling the Google account that from this moment we will always need the mobile to log into Google from other devices. It is recommended in specific cases where we are sure that we will always have access to the smartphone because if we do not have it on hand we will have to reconfigure the password and look for alternative methods to recover it.

two-step verification google

In this case the steps are the same, we will go to Settings> Accounts> Google and select verification in two steps. With this measure we will be protected against all malicious access attempts to our mobile since we will receive an SMS with a mobile security code every time someone tries to access.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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