How to block access to Facebook Messenger using Face ID or Touch ID

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has never been characterized by being a standard bearer for user privacy, although it disguises quite well. For a couple of days, a new function has been available in the Facebook messaging application, Messenger. block access to the messaging application using Face ID or Touch ID.

This function, whose operation is very similar to what we can find in WhatsApp for a while, prevents anyone who is not the owner of the terminal, from have access to our conversations if we leave the phone unblocked within reach.

Like any other application that allows us to block access to its content, in Messenger we can set the maximum time that must elapse for the application to crash automatically: automatically when exiting the application, 1 minute after exiting the application, 15 minutes after exiting the application or 1 hour after exiting the application.

This function allows us to prevent the application automatically crash when we access multitasking to reply to a message from another platform, read an email, check a notification …

How to protect Messenger with Face ID or Touch ID

protect Messenger with Face ID or Touch ID

The first thing we should do is install the latest version currently available on the App Store, whose version number is 273. This function has been activated through the server, but is only available with this version of the application.

  • Once we open Messenger, click on our avatar, located in the upper left corner of the application.
  • Then we click on Privacy.
  • Next, we polish in Application lock and activated the Face ID or Touch ID switch (depending on the iPhone model).
  • Finally, we must establish the time that we want the application to block its access once we have changed the application or we have blocked the device.

If you already have this version installed but the Privacy option does not appear, close the app and reopen it. If it still does not appear, you will have to wait a couple of days more until it is activated via the servers in your country / terminal.

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