How to block apps with fingerprint on a Xiaomi phone with MIUI


Our mobiles are an increasingly valuable source of information, practically from them is how we inform ourselves of everything that happens around us, and also the information we generate is stored in its storage. And to improve the protection of these valuable data we can block access to our apps Xiaomi mobile with security additional.

It is about protecting applications with our biometric data, such as the fingerprint, or even with a PIN or pattern, and we do not mean a third-party app, but a MIUI native setting, so all Xiaomi users can access it.

How to protect these apps?

It is certainly the best way to prevent someone from access our apps without our consent. Who knows if you do not have your phone protected if when you are not in front of it someone can enter to “gossip” what is on it.

xiaomi hidden apps

Well, to avoid it, what we must do is activate a MIUI function called «Application blocking»And that, as its name indicates, allows us to block access to an application for those people who do not have credentials for them.

How is this functionality activated?

It is very simple, because it is a native fit MIUI dedicated to blocking apps that we do not want anyone to access unless they have our approval. To activate it we must do the following:

  • Enter the MIUI settings
  • Swipe the screen to access “Application Lock”
  • Create a pattern to block access to this option to third parties
  • Now select the apps you want to block in this way

Once we choose it MIUI asks us to create a PIN or pattern to protect these apps that we have chosen. Once the apps have been designated, they become completely blocked for third parties. Because every time they run on our Xiaomi mobile, the pattern or fingerprint will be requested configured in the terminal to be able to access it.

block Xiaomi apps

In this way we guarantee that all those people who are not trusted and to whom we have not given credentials to access the mobile, will not do so in any way. Best of all, it’s not a third-party app lock, it’s the Xiaomi’s own layer which blocks apps. Something that saves us a lot of time and prevents us from individually configuring this functionality in each app.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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