How to block SMS or text messages on mobile


When we generally search the Net how to block SMS or text messages on mobile It is because someone does not stop harassing us at all times, whether it is a contact with “desire for war” or a company eager to get us with their services.

Luckily, all phones ring with a spam filter or the possibility of adding phone numbers to the blacklist so that we stop receiving message notifications every two by three. Each brand usually has its own system but broadly speaking, both on Android phones and iOS the process is quite similar.

Block SMS on Android

We are already working with One Ui (Samsung), MIUI (Xiaomi), EMUI (Huawei), Realme UI (Realme), or LG UX (LG), the process for block text messages It is quite similar to what we find in the purest version of Android. We can also avoid SMS from specific contacts or from any number that we do not have stored in the phone memory.

Block text messages from contacts on Android

All customization layers follow the same process, varying the name of the lock setting. Just go into the menu app and hold the SMS thread you want to block. Depending on the operating system installed on the phone, the option to Block or mark as Spam.

block sms manual android

By doing so the sender will be blocked and you will no longer receive text messages or calls from that number. Also, the current thread will be archived.

Block SMS from strangers on Android

You can also enable the spam filter and it will automatically filter messages from unsaved contacts on the phone. For this click on the three vertical dots in the Messages app and then tap Spam and blocked. Choose the SIM card you want to enable spam filtering by checking the Spam Protection option. Use the button to enable it and repeat the operation with another SIM card if you are using a dual SIM on the phone.

Android spam

Block SMS on iPhone

iPhone in hand

Similarly, if we work with any version of iOS, even if the screenshots are from iOS 14, we have the option of filtering the spam or block contacts so they don’t harass us with messages.

Avoid SMS from contacts on iOS

For block messages of a certain connected in iPhone what we have to do is go to the contact file from the phone app or from the iOS calendar. You can also access it directly from the conversation in the Messages app and by tapping the name at the top of the conversation. This is where you will locate all the information of your acquaintance and, below all marked in red, the option to block it.

block sms ios

By clicking on “Block this contact” we will not only prevent you from sending us SMS, it will appear on our “black list” and you will not be able to call us on our mobile phone.

Block SMS from strangers on iOS

If what we want is not to block individually to a certain number of contacts, but to all those phones that we do not have stored in the agenda and that usually harass us with messages and calls at all hours, iOS also gives you the option to do so.

block unknown sms ios

In this case, you must open the Settings app and go to the Messages section. Once inside you must locate and activate the option “Filter unknown”. What you will achieve with this is to eliminate all kinds of notifications and messages sent by senders that you do not have stored on your phone. This does not mean that they disappear but that they will be shown in a new tab called “Unknown” that will appear in the Messages app.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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