How to change Google Discover on all Android phones


One of the things that almost all Android mobiles have in common is the feed that is integrated on the left side of many launchers such as those of OxygenOS, MIUI or Android Stock. Google Discover It is the system that is integrated in this section, which we can change for any other app or even web.

The Xposed module created by an XDA developer with user Quinny899 is called DiscoverKiller makes this easy for us, so we only have to choose what other function we want to use instead. Since Android is the operating system popularized by personalization, this new tool makes this concept even more recognizable.

Steps to change Google Discover for any item

The first thing we need in our mobile to be able to enjoy this advantage is to have the smartphone rooted with Magisk. This allows us to access the Xposed module developed by the community.

module xposed google discover

Once we have it installed it will be a matter of opening the app and we will have access to several customization options among which we find the possibility of change Google Discover by Google Assistant cards first. The second option is the one that offers us more options, such as changing it for a specific application.

Change Google Discover to MovilZona

Among the possibilities offered by this trick we find the option that we have come up with to change Google Discover for something as useful as using the MovilZona website instead. We are going to do this from the second option, where we will choose among all the apps that seem to us to be a browser that in our case will be Google Chrome. We can do it with any browser and it is recommended to do it with one that we use expressly for this purpose.

change google discover

In this browser we will always leave the link to the MovilZona home page open. With that we managed to scroll to the left side of the screen, the latest news about smartphones appears. A quick and easy way to always be up to date and give it great utility, whenever we want to be able to change the home page or go back to Xposed module to replace it with applications messaging like WhatsApp or other utilities that we can think of.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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