How to change the Apple Watch battery

After the battery of this Apple Watch Series 1 swelled and caused the screen to jump, with nothing to lose in an out-of-warranty watch and whose repair I wasn’t willing to payI decided to change the battery myself, and this is how it went. (Spoiler: it works).

Surely you know someone whose Apple Watch has “popped”, or perhaps yourselves. The battery of the Apple Watch when it reaches its final stage swells, causing the screen to jump. In this situation, there are two possible solutions: go to the nearest Apple Store and request a repair, or throw it away (discarding the battery in the corresponding place, of course). After doing a quick search on Amazon and seeing that A battery repair kit for this Apple Watch Series 1 costs € 22 (link) I decided to try it, being fully aware that the probability that they would be € 22 thrown in the trash was high.

The first surprise was to receive the repair kit, very complete: battery, necessary tools and two stickers for the glass. Following the steps that in the video I show you in a few minutes I managed to revive the Apple Watch Series 1, yes, after almost three hours of charging because the battery arrives completely discharged. A detail that cannot be overlooked if you carry out this repair: water resistance is lost, so do not use your Apple Watch or to wash your hands.

At the moment the Apple Watch works, I do not know if it will last a month, two or a year. I can only apologize to any qualified technician who has seen this video, but it was a personal challenge that I had to try, and for now the result has left me more than satisfied. Of course, whoever tries it, better see some more guide on how to change the battery before getting down to business.

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