How to change the keyboard of Samsung Galaxy phones


Any Android phone user will know that the specialty of Google’s operating system is personalization. You can change the size of the icons, the wallpaper, the notifications, the ringtone and even, on request, the launcher itself. Of course, you can also change keyboard installed by default on your smartphone by any other downloaded from the Play Store, and that is what we are going to do with our phone today Samsung.

The keyboard is, in all probability, the application we use the most on our phone. And yes, the keyboard is still an application installed by default on the phone that is essential for using the phone. For this reason we can change it for any other keyboard app that we download from the Play Store such as Gboard or Swiftkey, two of the most valued.

gboard android

Being one of the most used pieces of software on the phone, it stands to reason that users want to use the perfect tool at their disposal. If you are a user of Samsung and you would like to get away from keyboard By default of the brand, you can follow this tutorial.

Download keyboard apps

The first thing you have to do is navigate to the Play Store to install Gboard or any other keyboard you want to install on the mobile. If you do not have an alternative keyboard, you will hardly be able to change the one that is installed by default on your Samsung galaxy.

Now that you have an alternative installed, it is time to configure it as your main keyboard on your smartphone.

Set up the new keyboard

To change the text input system on the mobile you must follow a long route through the phone settings. Once you are in the settings app, you have to navigate to the General Administration menu. Now select Language and text entry and within this menu you will find the options to change the On-screen keyboard. It is here where you must click on Default keyboard and choose the one you want to use among all the ones you have downloaded in the samsung mobile.

change keyboard

Configure the keyboard

Now that the new keyboard of your Samsung Galaxy is selected, you can access the application settings by going back to the On-Screen Keyboard page and check the one you have left set by default. Doing so will take you to a keyboard setup page where you network to change sounds, themes, autocorrect, text suggestions, or endless options.

keyboard preferences

Replacing the default Samsung keyboard with any app downloaded from the Play Store is really quite easy once you know where to look in the setting up your samsung. Now you just have to try the different options available in the Play Store and start using the one that best suits your needs.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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