How to change the name of the mobile on Android and iOS


The name of the devices can create a problem when we least need to complicate ourselves, for this reason it is important to give it a name that is easy to recognize. The option of change the name on the mobile It is present on Android and also on iPhones, allowing us to give it any name that we think is convenient for only us or other users to recognize.

In addition to that this name can be seen by other users, changing the name of the smartphone can be easy if we do not want others to know what mobile we have. Many manufacturers add the model or brand to the default name and it does not show us the name change when starting the mobile for the first time as an option.

Steps to rename on Android

To carry the name change in Android, the customization layer we have does not matter, since the steps are very similar as we will explain:

  • We access the mobile settings and touch the phone information option.
  • Then we will play on behalf of the device.
  • And finally we change it

rename android

Rename devices on Google Play

One of the reasons why we can think about changing the name of the mobile is to recognize it more easily in the functions of Google Play and others derived from Google, although this is different and does not synchronize with the name of the smartphone. If we have several devices or we have had, it can become a problem. To change the devices name on google play when installing for example an app on the computer what we have to do is the following:

  • First of all we just have to access this web address.
  • We will have to do it with the same account that we have our registered mobile.
  • Then we just have to identify the model and click edit.
  • Now we give the desired name and click update.

change mobile name google play

How to change the name of an iPhone

In case we have an iOS device, the steps to follow to modify the name are the following:

  • We go to Settings> General and tap on information.
  • Tap on the device name option.
  • We put the one we want and save it by clicking on accept.

change name iphone

Rename Bluetooth on mobile

We do not need to change the name of the Bluetooth because the name that is displayed when trying to connect with other mobiles or devices is the same that we have previously changed. This saves us from having to recognize two different names and further confusion.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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