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How to change the style of the icons on your Realme mobile

How to change the style of the icons on your Realme mobile


If there is a visual element that is important for mobile users, that is the icons, these make the difference between a mobile that has an attractive and pleasing appearance, or one in which it is difficult to identify apps and options of our phone. Today we tell you how to adapt the icons of a mobile Realme.

The signature cape has been updated in recent months with its first version after launch. This has been greatly improved, and changing the icons is one of the best features.

Give a different look to your mobile

The icons are the visible face of the apps on our phone, and in the case of the Chinese firm’s mobiles we have the ability to change them for the ones that we like natively.

Realme mobile icons

Therefore in the phone settings we have the possibility to change them easily. For this, what we must do is enter phone settings and do the following:

  • Enter “Home Screen and Wallpaper”
  • Swipe the screen to the last option and select “Set Icon Style”

In this section we have several options to choose the appearance of the icons of our phone. There are three different options to choose from in terms of icon design:

  • Default: round and more similar to Android Stock
  • Material Style: Bottomless
  • Pebble: oval, more like Samsung’s One UI

Design your own icons

In the same section we have a additional option called «Art + Icon» that allows us to edit the appearance of the icons to our liking. This is accomplished with three different settings. One of them is the one that allows us to choose the shape of the icon, where we can choose the square, with angled corners, with square and round corners and finally with the four rounded corners. In addition we can choose the size of the logo of the app, so that there is more color around or less.

Realme mobile icons

And finally we can choose the size of the icon, which can allow us to see more wallpaper in general, and also have more lines of icons tol take up less space on these. So as you can see the customization of the icons is quite important, and with it we can give a completely different look to the application drawer of our Realme phone. One of the functions that we like most about these phones, since it is not so common for manufacturers to alter the appearance of these icons.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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