How to change TikTok profile picture

It’s time to change your profile picture on TikTok in 3 simple steps.

With these 3 steps you can change the photo or video of your TikTok profile and change the appearance of your profile, easy and fast. Join us!

The growth of social networks in the first quarter of this year has been alarming. And is that due to the events in the world due to the spread of the coronavirus, many people are in rest mode from home.

This undoubtedly slows down the internet connection and collapses electronic network systems globally. This situation was seen to come, since there are many social networks that are leading the top entertainment positions and it is inevitable not to connect with so much free time.

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If you are one of those who love to keep in touch with friends and family, you like share and watch videos quality, then at some point you will have heard of TikTok. Of course, in times of quarantine, one option would be to join this digital platform and stay at home enjoying.

TikTok It is a platform similar to Snapchat, but also integrates Instagram features, making it a complete application to spend hours of entertainment and fun on Android and iOS. Before starting it, the most important thing is to create your account, edit your personal information and select a suitable profile photo.

We know how important appearance on networks can be and the impact it can have on society. So today we show you how to change your TikTok profile picture and thus always keep you updated.

How to change your TikTok profile photo or video in 3 steps

Regardless of whether you have an image or video, you can renew your profile as many times as you require. You just have to enter the system configuration area and do the following:

1. Login to TikTok

  • Open the app TikTok. If you don’t have it added yet, download for Android and iOS for free.
  • Locate your profile at the bottom right, it is identified with a person icon. Give touch on it.
  • Once opened select “Edit profile”.
How to change your TikTok profile photo or video

Download and install the TikTok app

2. Set up your profile

At this point, it is important that you have the image you want to renew available. Click on “Profile picture” or “Profile Video”. If you want to change the profile photo, four options will appear:

  • Take a photo: use your personal camera to take a selfie.
  • Select from the gallery: It will redirect you to the gallery folder of your mobile device.
  • View photo: It will show a preview of the image you currently have.
  • Cancel: to return back to your home profile.
How to change your TikTok profile photo or video

These are the steps to change the profile photo of TikTok

3. Select and upload your new image or video

Select from your gallery, the image or video that best suits your profile and press “Confirm” and later “Save” to set the change.

In this same section you will have the opportunity to change your username, modify aliases, add your Instagram social network and a YouTube channel.

select and change the profile photo from gallery

Search your gallery for the photo or video you want to change on TikTok

We hope that with this mini tutorial of TikTok, you have learned to change your profile photo or video successfully. Remember that your appearance speaks volumes about you, go and make a difference.

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