How to choose the perfect TV according to Samsung

Because choosing the perfect TV is not easy, this little questionnaire from Samsung will help us. What result has come out for you?

Just as important as choosing correctly when purchasing a new mobile phone is selecting a good television. Surely mobiles and televisions are the two types of screens that we use the most throughout the day, hence its purchase is not a trivial matter.

And since choosing one television or another is not something to be taken lightly, Samsung, one of the brands with higher quality televisions, He has created a fun questionnaire that will help us choose the television that best suits our needs. We play?

This Samsung quiz helps you choose the perfect TV

75 inch Samsung Smart TV

Samsung televisions have always been characterized by their high quality

There is a television for each type of user. Depending on the use we make of it, ** there are better models than others **. Because it is not the same to watch series or movies as for example playing video games. Hence, before buying anything, you have to inform yourself, that if not then what happens happens.

And to make the search for the ideal TV a little easier, Samsung brings us a fun little questionnaire. A total of six questions and is that according to the answers we give, will take us to one model or another of the Samsung catalog.

In other words, if there are more “A’s” in the total of the responses, our television will be an 8K QLED with a panel of maximum image quality. If there is more “B”, the model to choose Will it be The Serif or The Frame With its minimalist designs and if there is more “C”, the vertical television called Sero, which by the way we already talked about in Andro4all, and which is intended for millennials who increasingly consume more vertical content. Each one with their tastes…

Definitely it is still a fun way for Samsung to advertise their televisions, but if you are really looking for a magnificent 4K television at a scandalous price, why not take a look at these Xiaomi models?

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