One of the greatest demands of Twitter users has always been and continues to be the possibility of edit tweets, an option that the head of this social network and co-founder, Jack Dorsey, refuses to implement as it would mean a drastic change in the essence of this platform.

But that doesn’t mean that no new features are introduced. Unlike Facebook (the only thing it does is copy to other platforms) on Twitter they study new ways to encourage user interaction. The last function allows us to choose who can respond to our publications.

This new function allows us to establish what people can answer to our Twitter posts:

  • Everyone (any user who reads your article can answer you).
  • People you follow.
  • Only the people you mention.

Choose who can reply to our tweets

This option is only available when we write a new tweet, not available when we reply to a tweet that someone else has posted (at least at the time of posting this tutorial).

Choose who can reply to our tweets

  • The first thing we must do is open the official Twitter application (this function only available in the official app and not in the third party like Tweetbot or Twitterrific)
  • Then we click on the button Write tweet.
  • We write the text of the message and click on Anyone can reply, to select which people can reply to our publication: Everyone, People you follow or Only the people you mention.

Once the tweet has been published, if we have established an interaction limit, this will be displayed at the bottom of the tweet.

This feature started implementing a couple of days ago, so if you don’t have it available yet, it shouldn’t take long to do it, at most a week.