How to claim or make a formal complaint

There are some procedures that will work for any operator if the complaint goes further. If the Internet simply does not work, it may be enough to contact the customer service number and they will solve it. But if that doesn’t work or isn’t enough, you can go a little further by doing a claim in Autocontrol or by going to the Telecommunications User Service Office if it is a serious problem that has not been solved.

Reasons to file a claim

It will depend on your contract but there are reasons why you can make a claim to your operator. In general, it is advisable to consult the legal conditions of your contract and your rate before starting the process:

  • Problems of coverage or fixed or mobile connection
  • Line failures
  • Improper charge or wrong amount
  • Additional services that you have not contracted
  • Include your data in delinquency files without reason

Quick self-control claims

Autocontrol has a mediation system between the main operators that allows us to fill out a form to file a claim. It is available to a certain group of operating companies and as long as you have sufficient reasons to make the claim. It is an activity developed by Autocontrol in which it seeks that the operating company and the clientand find a deal quickly and effectively, depending on the problem you have.

The attached operators are:

  • Movistar
  • Tuenti
  • O2
  • Orange
  • Jazztel
  • Threat
  • Simyo
  • Vodafone
  • Or not
  • Moremobile
  • Yoigo
  • Lebara
  • Call now
  • Happy Mobile
  • Pepephone


The reasons contemplated for requesting mediation are:

  • Yes Yesgues receiving bills after having unsubscribed and they are from a date subsequent to said withdrawal and not from a previous period that was pending payment. In that case, you can do the mediation.
  • If you have exercised the right to access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability or not to be subject to automated individualized decisions and the company has not duly attended to it. Or if the company knew inaccuracy in the data and has not rectified it.
  • The debt you kept with the operating company it has been transferred to another entity even if you have already paid your debt previously.
  • Your personal data appears in a subscriber guide, despite having requested your exclusion at the time of contracting the service or later.
  • You continue to receive personal communications despite having signed up for the Robinson List.
  • Products have been contracted on your behalf without your authorization.
  • The operating company has included your data in un delinquency file despite a claim being filed with a competent body.
  • The operating company has included your data in a delinquency file if there is no debt: if it is uncertain or non-existent.
  • The operating company has improperly consulted a delinquency file.

How to apply?

You can request mediation from the Autocontrol website by filling out a form. You will have to give all the information, answer all the questions and easily follow the steps that are indicated on the website.

Self control

Telecommunications User Support Office

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has the Office of Attention to the User of Telecommunications that allows to claim an operator:

  • Non-conformity with the invoice
  • Negativity upon registration or cancellation by your operator
  • Unsolicited preselection
  • Negativity to number portability
  • Unsolicited operator change
  • Breach of offers by the operator
  • Deficiencies in DTT reception as a consequence of damages due to 4G deployment
  • Breakdowns or service interruptions


There are mainly three ways to make the complaint from the Telecommunications User Service Office:

  • Through online forms for electronic processing
  • By mail or in person at the office at Calle Poeta Joan Maragall ,, nº41 with the 28071 ZIP code of Madrid where you can fill out a form or you can deliver it to that address if there is no other option.
  • In records of any administrative body of the General State Administration or of any Administration of Autonomous Communities or Local Administration where you can file the claim.
  • At a post office

What data?

The data you must present are:

  • Full name and surname
  • National identity document (DNI)
  • Home address to receive documentation
  • Request that is made, with facts and reasons. All information and documentation that you think is important to add to the complaint.
  • Place, date and signature
  • Body to which it is addressed: Secretary of State for Digital Advancement.
  • Accreditation of prior claim to the operator

Operator claims

Customer service of the different operators

Before any formal claim, it is advisable to make the claim with your operator and, in some cases, it is mandatory to do so before resorting to other methods. It will depend on the operator that you have to contact in one way or another.

In Orange

You have several ways to make a claim in Orange:

  • In an Orange store of the 100 available in Spain with the “Orange in Person” service, the most recommended for the claim and that will be attended by a customer service specialist and fill out the form.
  • By phone they will help you and inform you about the process. To 1470 to call from individuals and to the number 1471 to call from companies.
  • By social networks from the Orange Twitter profile and the Facebook profile.

From the orange operator, they ensure that most claims are resolved within 72 hours, although some take a little longer. If after several days you have not had a solution, follow one of the previous methods to claim.

orange invoice

In MásMóvil

The MásMóvil customer service number is:

  • 2373 for all users of any MásMóvil phone
  • 911333333 to contact from a number of another company
  • 0034693772272 if you call from abroad

At Vodafone

You can contact Vodafone on the phones:

  • 22121 for all users, the generic
  • 607123000 to speak to Vodafone Customer Support
  • 22122 to call if you are a self-employed customer, SME or company

Through these phones they will tell you what to do and how to file the claim before having to go a step further. You may receive a quick solution and save yourself from dealing with the problem. You can also put claims at the address: Vodafone España, S.A.U. Avenida de América, 115. Madrid, 28042, Spain. On the phone: 607 12 30 00.

Vodafone customer service

At Movistar

As in the others, you can contact Movistar customer service via telephone: you can request a document for the complaint and they will give you an answer that will tell you a reference number of the complaint. From 7 to 10 days you will receive at the postal address a letter with the resolution of the complaint.

To get in touch with Movistar customer service You can do it by phone or online, depending on the route that is most comfortable for you:

  • Call 1004, generic phone for private users
  • Call 1002 if you have a technical problem.
  • Call 900 11 00 10 for Movistar + users
  • Call 900 411 772 if you are a prepaid Movistar user

Or fill out the form that you will find on the Movistar claims website

Movistar invoice claim

At Jazztel

You can make complaints to Jazztel by phone, postal mail …

  • On the phone 1565 free from a Jazztel line
  • On the phone 1566 free for Jazztel business customers
  • On the phone 640 00 15 65 if you call from another operator

In Yoigo

You can call Yoigo customer service by phone:

  • Calling 622, a phone that works 24 hours a day
  • Calling 0034633800800 if you are abroad in the European Union
  • Calling 0034622622622 if you are outside the European Union

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