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How to clean the cache of a Xiaomi mobile every time we block it

by Tejas Dhawan


One of the big concerns of Android users is undoubtedly the performance of the phone. Many of us are obsessed with it, because it is the closest thing to the day we premiere it. Today we tell you a trick to improve the performance of our Xiaomi mobile cleaning the cache automatically, thanks to a somewhat hidden MIUI function.

The cache of our Xiaomi mobile is one of those key elements when it comes to the terminal maintaining optimal performance despite the passage of time. Clean temporary files It is something that always comes in handy to the terminal, and more if it is done automatically.

This MIUI setting is the key

As you know, there are many apps in the Play Store that promise to improve the performance of the phone thanks to different system functions. The most common are undoubtedly those that clear the phone cache so that it has more free space, and in general those that are based on the release of RAM and storage. On this occasion we propose a MIUI setting that is quite easy to activate, and which is based on clearing the cache of the phone automatically.

clear Xiaomi mobile cache

By activating this option you can choose to have the phone automatically clear the cache every time the terminal hangs. The way to achieve this is to do the following:

  • Enter the MIUI system settings
  • Click on “Battery and Performance”
  • Enter the “Energy” menu
  • Now select the nut at the top right
  • Within the new menu select “Clear cache when device is locked”

Improves performance by freeing the cache

By doing so we can choose five different settings in which the phone will automatically clear the cache. We can select to do it in 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or deactivate it so that it never does it, selecting the last setting of all. Therefore, with this function activated, the phone will clear the cache automatically when we block it.

Xiaomi Remdi Note 9

So it is advisable to choose an intermediate time, perhaps 10 minutes so that you do not have to clean the cache so often the terminal. So in this way we make sure that when we are not using the phone, which is when it is locked, the phone do its own memory wiping and somehow improve performance. Logically, you will not notice a change instantly, but it is evident that if the cache is deleted fairly frequently, in the long run we will notice that the phone performs better. And best of all, without worrying about doing it ourselves, since it is carried out automatically.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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