How to compress and decompress files on Xiaomi phones


Among all the files that we can get to keep in the memory of the mobiles we find the compressed files. These have the special feature that they are several in the same package and therefore we cannot access them from the gallery or applications intended to read documents. Before this we are going to need to unzip the files to which we add the option to print them on our Xiaomi mobile.

Luckily this can be done without having to download any application and with all the options we need. When we say that MIUI options They are very advanced, we say it for reasons like these. The application that makes this possible is the file manager that is available both in MIUI 9, MIUI 10, MIUI 11 and of course in MIUI 12.

Steps to compress files on Xiaomi

Before starting the process, we must identify the elements that we want to store in the same file. It is important to be clear and that we do not have problems later, because in the file manager it is difficult to see the images in large or to be able to read the documents. Renaming the items or moving them to a new folder in the gallery can be a good solution.

  • We will start by accessing the file manager that is on the mobile.
  • Then we touch at the top on the folder.
  • Now we just have to go accessing the different folders until we locate the one we want.
  • Finally we choose the files.
  • Click on the three points at the bottom and choose to compress.

compress xiaomi files

Then we will be shown the option to change the name of the ZIP file in ZIP and it will be stored in the same location. By touching this file we can send it by email, applications or using any alternative tool.

Unzip files with MIUI

Conversely we may also need unzip RAR or ZIP files on Xiaomi. This option is again very simple and is also found within the same application called file manager in MIUI. The steps that we must follow this time are the following:

  • We locate the compressed file, only in RAR or ZIP formats. (Depending on the MIUI version it may cause a problem with RAR)
  • We will be able to select it and the option «extract files to…» will appear.
  • Now we choose the destination folder and click at the bottom to extract.

unzip xiaomi files

With this we will have completed all the necessary steps and we can enjoy the contents. One way to save us having to resort to the computer or apps that take up space in the storage of our Xiaomi mobile.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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