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How to configure and give orders to the Huawei Celia Assistant

How to configure and give orders to the Huawei Celia Assistant


The batteries that the main manufacturers maintain are not only fought in the hardware section. There is much more to show than you have the best camera or the battery with the fastest charge. The world of virtual assistants is also becoming very important and all brands want to have their own. Huawei has already released in Spain Celia, a voice assistant that pretends to make you forget the Google Assistant.

Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Breeno or Xiao Ai are some of the virtual assistants of the main manufacturers in the market. However, the need for Huawei to try to create its own and increasingly complete ecosystem has made them step on the accelerator to integrate Celia in more and more countries and languages. We are facing a software capable of respond to user needs through commands voice and allows you to perform many actions without touching the phone.

Where is Celia available?

Celia is currently available in English, French and Spanish and in France, the United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Spain. In our country, Celia is available in the P series40, but as Huawei has confirmed, it will be reaching all the devices that are updated to EMUI 10.1, that is, that Celia will have all the phones that do not have Google’s mobile services.

celia emui 10.1 functions

How is Celia activated?

Huawei is likely to be polishing and improving its activation options, including, why not, a button dedicated to this wizard. However, for the moment there are two methods to be able to summon Celia.

  • Method 1: Holding down the power button for 1 second and following the on-screen instructions to train the voice recognition system and activate Celia.
    Method 2: We will have to go to settings / Huawei AI Assistant> Voice IA. Then we select “Activate with voice or Activate with power button” and follow the instructions on the screen to activate Celia.

Once configured, we can claim the assistant’s help saying “Hey Celia” From that moment, we will be able to do several actions in an automated way such as:

  • Make calls and send messages.
  • Set alarms and reminders based on voice commands.
  • Open third-party music, video, sports or search apps.
  • Other skills like AI Lens voice control, shopping, and face-to-face translation.

hey celia huawei

In addition to these actions, we will be able to carry out all those that we are used to with other attendees such as set alarms, set tasks to do, count calories or ask Celia to find us a nearby hotel.

Privacy assured

Privacy regarding voice orders and our requests to these types of attendees are always in question. So that the user is calm in this regard, Huawei ensures that the voice identity is stored in a secure area of ​​our mobile and it is not envity to the cloud. The necessary application data is processed securely and is not associated with a specific device. For this reason, Celia is certified with the European privacy seal for GDPR compliance.

Written by David Girao

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