How to configure app suggestions in Android 11


With the arrival of the novelties of Android 11 we do not stop finding changes that will be implemented in the rest of the launchers of the manufacturers and not only in the Google Pixel, which are the first to enjoy them. This time we are going to meet the new application tips on Android 11, which change and become smarter.

These new shortcuts to applications They come to accompany those who are in the application drawer, specifically at the top from Android 10. The previous ones continue to be maintained and we will have different suggestions than we can see now on the home screen.

Tip in Android 11 to forget about the drawer

The main function of these new suggestions is to save previous steps to use applications, so that we do not have to search for apps and they are all available to us at the right time. By means of the artificial intelligence android 11 The system itself will know our habits to know which app we are going to need at each moment of the day. The more we use the smartphone the better it will be able to predict what we want to do at any moment.

suggestions android apps

We will see how, for example, when night falls, it shows us the clock to set the alarm for the next day or in the morning it shows us access to Google Chrome to visit the news websites. When we configure Android 11 for the first time we will be shown an explanation and the process at the bottom, but as we will see later it can be configured to our liking, as well as make various changes.

How to activate app suggestions in Android 11

First of all we must make sure that we have Android 11 and the latest version of Pixel Launcher, which is updated through Google Play. Then we will only have to keep our finger pressed on any area of ​​the screen and we will choose the option “Settings of the home screen” to be able to activate the suggestion of applications in Android 11.

configure suggestions android apps 11

Then we enter the suggestions section and we will have two different options:

  • Suggestions in the list of all applications: The suggestions at the top of the application drawer.
  • Suggestions on the home screen: Corresponding to the new apps posted at the bottom of the home.

Customize suggestions

To improve the result of these suggestions we only have to rely on the different uses that we make throughout the day, but if we want to improve it we can do it by fixing applications. This keeps the app and always leaves it present at the bottom of the screen, to do so we will only have to keep it pressed when it appears and touch the small button in the shape of a thumbtack.

customize hints android apps 11

On the contrary we can also prevent us from being shown apps as suggestion. To do this we will access the settings by pressing on the home screen and then entering the settings on the main screen, then in suggestions and entering the option of blocked applications. We will be shown a list of all the installed applications to choose among them which we do not want to appear again in the lower or upper suggestions of the drawer.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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