How to configure the lock screen on Xiaomi phones


The entire MIUI customization layer gives rise to a complete ecosystem that is related to each other in Xiaomi phones, many times we forget one of the most used aspects such as the lock screen. This space is where we can see the notifications of our mobile without unlocking it and have all the information with a single touch.

Both in the versions of MIUI 10, MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 we have access to this customization panel and options that open up many possibilities. According to your preferences and needs, you will be able to adapt the different sections that we show you to what you are looking for.

Options on the Xiaomi lock screen

To start configuring the MIUI lock screen First we have to know the route, which begins in the settings, continues to enter the lock screen and here it shows us all its options.

xiaomi lock screen

The first option and one of the most important is the one that tells us the time it takes to suspend our mobile or what is the same, the time it takes for the lock screen to turn off. It is very relevant because it will be the time we will have to see the notifications. We can choose between 15 seconds, up to 10 minutes or even never.

Show a name on the lock screen

Among the options that appear we can see the one called signature on lock screen, which allows us to choose a name, phrase or any word to display on the screen. This can be very interesting for us if we lose our mobile or if someone finds it, they can quickly know who it is.

name lock screen xiaomi

Methods to wake up the screen

Within the lock screen settings we also have access to a series of methods to wake up the screen beyond the typical side power button. The options are these:

  • Raise to activate: when moving our mobile from a table or surface it will turn on.
  • Double tap on the screen: a double tap with the screen off can also turn on.
  • Activate lock screen for notifications: this option will turn on the screen whenever we receive a notification from any app.

Customize the lock screen and other options

Finally we find the options for modify the look of the lock screen to our liking. There are not many options, because we can only change the position of the clock between centered, left or vertical, but at least it is something.

lock screen options xiaomi

The last two options are reserved for two very different areas, the first of which is the option to use the mobile camera by just pressing the volume down button twice and save intermediate steps. The following option is designed so that we do not do involuntary actions on the Xiaomi lock screen with the help of pocket mode.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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