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How to connect Android phones or iPhone with Linux

by Tejas Dhawan


In Windows or MacOS it is easy to connect our mobile to a computer even between both systems, but if we have a computer with Linux we will have to prepare ourselves to carry out a series of steps that allow us to do everything we want with our mobile. It does not matter if we have a mobile with Android or an iPhone, in both cases we are going to show you how you can connect mobiles with Linux.

With the intention of making the process as simple as possible, we are going to teach you step by step what we should do, which allowed us to pass files between the devices or perform the task we need, regardless of the level of knowledge we have. The first thing we should do is arm ourselves with patience because Linux has different distributions As it is free software, which could complicate the solution.

How to connect Android phones to Linux

We start with the most popular operating system, in which we are going to need an application that facilitates the process and puts many facilities in the process. Although first we have to prepare our computer to use KDE Connect, a software that offers us many facilities.

  • To install KDE Connect in Linux we have to open a terminal and write the following code: sudo apt-get install kde-connect
  • Once it is installed we open it and leave it open for when we connect our mobile.
  • Now on our Android mobile we install the KDE Connect app from the Play Store.
  • Using the USB cable we connect our mobile to the computer and on the KDE Connect screen we click on “request linkage” and activate it on the mobile.

connect android linux KDE connect

Once the connection between the two devices has been made, we only have to choose on our mobile what files we want to send, being able to choose between photos, videos or documents. From the computer itself we will also be able to directly access the files with the SFTP tool via Dophin.

Connect your iPhone with Linux

The process to connect our iPhone with Linux requires more code, although the result is later simpler and easier to use, we explain the steps to follow:

  • We start by connecting our iPhone by cable to our computer.
  • We open the code terminal and write the following line: idevicepair pair
  • It is very likely that it failed, then we wrote: usbmuxd -f -v
  • After this it will appear as successfully connected and we have to open a new code console.
  • In the new console we write the following commands, modifying the part that appears in bold:

sudo mkdir / media / iPhone
sudo chown user: group on linux / media / iPhone
ifuse / media / iPhone /

  • To finish we open the Dolphin file browser and we will find our iPhone ready to use it.

connect iphone dolphin linux

It is recommended that we add a location shortcut to allow us to make the process easier the next time we have to connect our iPhone to Linux. In case the direct access is not enough, we recommend you disconnect other devices and try again or repeat the steps.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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