how to convert a document to spreadsheet

There are several ways to convert Word to Excel. In the event that we have a table with information or data in Word and we want to convert it to an Excel sheet, it is possible to do so by copying and pasting the data from one side to the other, while it is also possible to export and import all the data through a plain text file or use one of the online applications specially designed for it.

Copy and paste data from a Word table to Excel

To move data from a Word table to Excel without having to retype it, you can copy it directly from the word processor and paste it into a spreadsheet. Now, all this data will be pasted in an individual cell of our Excel. However, if we want the table format to be maintained when passing information from Word to Excel, these are the steps we must follow:

  • In the Word document, we select the rows and columns of the table that we want to copy in the spreadsheet. It is important that we make sure that we have additional carriage returns in the table cells as this will cause additional rows to be added in Excel.
  • Once selected, click Ctrl + C.
  • Let’s go to Excel.
  • We select the upper left corner of the spreadsheet.
  • We push Ctrl + V.
  • To adjust the format, we click Paste options and :
    • To use the format applied in the cells of the spreadsheet, click on Match destination format.
    • To use the Word table format, we click Keep source format.

Import Word data into Excel

Excel has a data import function through a text file, therefore we can use it to convert a Word document to Excel easily. For it:

  • We open the document of Word.
  • We select the option File> Save As.
  • We choose the location where we want to save the content of the document, give it a name and select as Type, Plain text.
  • When pressing save The file conversion window will open. We check that everything is correct and press OK.
  • This will save the content of the Word document in a plain text file at the indicated path and the established name.
  • Now we open Excel.
  • We go to the main menu option Data.
  • We unfold the option tab Get information.
  • We select the option From a file> From text / CSV.

  • We mark the text file that we just saved from Word and press to import.
  • This will open a window in which we have to indicate whether the data in the file is delimited by any sign or are fields of fixed width aligned in columns with spaces between each one.

In a few moments, we will see how all the data exported from Word are imported directly into Excel and we can save the spreadsheet with the name we want.

How to convert Word to Excel online for free

In addition to these options that Office tools offer us directly, it is also possible to use an online application that allows us to convert a Word document to Excel from the browser itself and completely free of charge. Some of the most popular websites where we can convert a Word document to a spreadsheet are:


It is a website that, as its name suggests, has been designed to offer all kinds of online tools to convert files from one format to another. Among all this, we find just the one that interests us at the moment, which is to convert a Word to Excel and which we can access from this same link.

Word to Excel

Once done, all we have to do is choose the document we want to convert to a spreadsheet and upload it to the web, or drop the files directly onto the web. Once we select, we make sure to choose the correct output format, XLS and click on Convert. In a few moments, we will be offered the result file, which we can save on our PC simply by clicking on the Download button.


As its name suggests, on this site we can find a series of very useful tools, such as the one that allows us to convert a Word to Excel online and completely free of charge. To do this, all we have to do is go to the site from this link, select or drag the document that we want to convert into a spreadsheet, choose the output format, in this case Excel, and click on the Download converted file button.

Word to Excel

Automatically and in a few moments, we will see how the file in .XLS format is downloaded to the disk of our team and we will have it ready to open and check how all the Word data has been transferred to a spreadsheet. In addition to converting a Word document to Excel, at CoolUtils we can find a lot of types of online tools to convert files to another format.

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