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How to cover the front camera of the phone so that they do not spy on you

by Tejas Dhawan


Surely more than once you have heard some “story” about people who have been spied on by your front camera by hackers. If they take control of this they can record from us what they want, so it is advisable to physically cover the front camera of the mobile.

There are different ways, a few weeks ago we told you precisely one way to lock the photo camera of the mobile so that they could not record us in committed situations, although it was thanks to an app. But an even safer method is the one we propose today, since it is a physical barrier.

Add a physical cover to the mobile camera

If we do not block the camera with an app, a great alternative is to do it with a physical cover. And there are, because at Amazon we have many models that basically have in common a mechanism with which you can cover the camera when we are not using it. It must be recognized that the best method for not having these problems is to have a camera is to have a pop-up camera, since while it is not being used it is hidden and it is impossible to record anything from it, except inside the phone.

cover mobile front camera

Buy front camera cover

In this case we propose a pack of three front camera covers for the phone. Of course, those users who have an all screen mobile should abstain from this type of cover, since there will be no physical place to place the cover without it occupying part of the screen. Therefore it is rather phone oriented with classic designFor example for the iPhone SE 2020, which has huge screen edges and allows you to put one of these covers. And yes, it is not the most aesthetic, but if you want to make sure that you are not recorded, it is the best alternative.

cover mobile front camera

These covers when placed on the front camera have a sliding mechanism that allows the cover to be moved to one side. In such a way that when we do not use the camera we can keep it covered. And in the case of making a call or a selfie we just have to slide so that it is uncovered again and we can use it as we usually do. It is a solution that, in addition to certain phones, can be used for many other devices with this type of camera. Although it must be recognized that it is not the most aesthetic thing we have seen, it cannot be reproached for not fulfilling its mission.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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