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how to create a Blizzard game card

by Tejas Dhawan

Hearthstone It is one of the most popular mobile games, since it surpassed 100 million active players after recently fulfilling his sixth year of life. The popular Blizzard card title stands out for incorporating new content every so often, such as Outland Ashes, his latest expansion, or three heroes, a minion and four other novelties. However, it is also a game that usually approaches its community with a series of projects, such as showing how to create a Hearthstone card through a series of broadcasts on Twitch.

Blizzard has added over the years lots of card backs to Hearthstone, 143 to be exact. For this reason, and as a gift to the community of title players, the company thought it would be fun to show the entire process of creating the monthly back of September letter. For it, Luke Mancini, Senior Concept Artist, has broadcast live the entire process of creating the back from its conception to its final version in a series with three parts that could be seen through Twitch, the well-known streaming platform.

The first part of this series of three videos showing how a Hearthstone letter is created took place on Monday, May 18. In that video, that of the conception, it was shown how the artist of the company develops the idea and the sketch from three proposals for the new back of the letter. Also, at the end of the broadcast, Blizzard opted for your preferred option. It should be noted that all three broadcasts, despite taking place a few days ago, can be seen on the game’s Twitch account.

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A process that is divided into three parts: conception, progress and completion

The second part of this series focused on progress, and took place last Wednesday, May 20. In this video, the Blizzard artist got to work with the design of the cards, which he gave shape and color. In the third and last part of this series, which was held on Twitch on Thursday, May 21 and whose title was “completion”, details were polished and the last strokes were given to the design. A broadcast that ended with the presentation of the final version of the back of the monthly letter in September.

Some broadcasts that also counted the presence of Hadidjah Chamberlin, Chief Effects Artist and Art Team Member for a long time, accompanying Luke in the broadcasts with the aim of answering the questions of the users and to talk about the back of the letter. A long and creative process of creation that also shows all the work behind when it comes to Create a letter for Hearthstone, one of the most popular mobile games in history.

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