How to create a free personalized email signature

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Creating a custom signature through Outlook or Gmail options is a thing of the past. Today there are many tools that allow us to create a signature for email in a much more visual way than in the past. In fact, no need to use HTML editors to customize a signature to our liking.

On the Internet we can find dozens of visual editors, although most are paid. Of all the publishers available online, is one of the few options that is offered completely free of charge. Creating a signature through this website is really simple and will not take us more than a couple of minutes, as we will see below.

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So you can create a free personalized email signature comes to the market as a multifunctional CRM with dozens of functions intended for companies. Among its functions, the platform has a online editor of custom email signatures with several predefined templates.

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Once we have accessed the web, the editor will It will show a total of 6 templates that we can select to taste. After having selected one of the available templates, it will be enough to access each of the sections to edit the information contained in each of the text boxes.

The page allows us to edit the first and last name, the position, the department, the company name, the office phone number, the personal mobile phone number, the website URL, the company postal address. e the social networks associated with our profile (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram …). Too allows us to add a custom text field to add any kind of unrelated information.

With all the information added, the next step will be configure the appearance of the signature. Within this section, the editor allows us to edit colors of the different visual elements (icons, letters, separators …), as well as the font typography and text size. The last step will be to provide one or more photographs to complete the business card, which can be a business logo or a personal image. Unfortunately, we cannot change the position of the elements.

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After having configured the signature to our liking, we can export it by clicking on the Create signature button. Automatically the web will show us different buttons that will allow us export the source code of the signature to add it to the different email clients electronic (Gmail, Outlook …).

How to add the signature to our email

The process to add a personalized signature to our email client is really simple. In Gmail and Outlook this process is more or less similar.

Inside the client we will click on the cogwheel that will appear in the upper corner right. Then we will click on Settings (or See all the settings in Outlook) and finally on Signature (or Write and reply in Outlook).

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At Gmail we can create and manage different signatures at the same time.

Now we just have to paste the HTML code generated by the web. The template interface that we have previously generated with Hubspot will automatically be displayed. Otherwise, we will have to right click on the field and select the Paste in HTML format option.

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