How to create a Roblox account and play for free

Procedure to create and verify a Roblox account, easy and fast.

Roblox, is a video game that mixes sandbox and MMO where you will have the opportunity to create fantastic worlds using your creativity. This title hosts more than 100 million active users per month, becoming a direct competition of the popular Minecraft. And even though they are similar games, Roblox is totally free.

It is available for various platforms, be it computers, consoles and mobiles, which opens the doors for anyone to access its gameplay and functions. They are more than 50 million minigames available so you can spend long hours of entertainment.

The platform admits registrations of people under 18 years of age, because it is generally focused on children of early ages; however, it has a security system that applies restrictions and parental control to avoid any damage that could threaten the integrity of the minor.

If you want to start in Roblox, or simply catch your attention, in this post you will discover how to create an account in Roblox and start playing for free. Follow us!

How to register and create your Roblox account

Below you will see step by step how to register in Roblox and start exploring 3D worlds completely free. To do this, follow each indication and do not miss any detail:

Enter the Official Roblox portal

From your favorite browser, enter the official Roblox page. To do this you just have to connect through your computer or mobile device and enter the following link.

Data window

Once the Roblox tab is open, a box will appear. Place the cursor in the upper left where it says “Sign up”.

Register your data to create your Roblox account

Fill in the box with your personal information and set a username and password

Personal information

Once the previous step has been completed, a box will appear. There you will have to enter your personal data, including date of birth (month, day, year), username and an 8-digit password. Then accept the terms and conditions and click the green button “Sign up”.

Play free Roblox

If you manage to enter successfully it means that you did all the steps correctly. Now it only remains to carry out the verification of your account so that the system is aware that you are human and not a robot.

Roblox account verification

Solve the CAPTCHA to verify if you are human

How to activate and verify your Roblox account

To avoid account thefts or in case of identity theft, it is advisable to verify your roblox account and add more personal information. This is basically for security, if one day you get up and see that your account was hacked, with the help of the system you can recover your Roblox account and the advances in the game. This is what you should do:

Account settings

After registering with Roblox, log in and in the window you will see a gear icon at the top right. Click on the icon and press “Setting”.

Roblox account settings

Locate the menu at the top right in Roblox

Special data

In this section you will see a part of your personal information. Stuffed “Phone number” and “Email”. Preferably email for added security.

Register the email to activate the Roblox account

For greater security and protection of your data it is necessary to add an email

Register the email

When choosing “Email” You must include the email that you have active, then it will ask you for the password to enter the Roblox system and click on the button “Add email”. A verification email will be sent immediately.

Add an email to verify account on Roblox

After verifying, a message will appear with the modified email address

Check the inbox

Enter your email and in your inbox you will see a Roblox message. Open the message, click “Email Verification” and ready. If you ever forget your login details, you can recover your account easily and quickly. In some cases the system can give you an object or accessory for your character for completing this step.

How to log in to your free Roblox account

After registering and verifying your email you can access the platform as many times as you want. To log in to the system is very easy and fast and you can do it in two ways.

With the initial registration data

How to log in to your free Roblox account

Enter username and password to log into Roblox

  • Enter the official Roblox portal, and at the top right you will see a button “Log in”*, click on it.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click the button “Log in” and ready. If you want you can save this information on your computer for future entries.

With Facebook

In this case, you can also log in through the social network Facebook. In the box click “Facebook” and there a new window will open indicating that Roblox will receive your name and profile picture, click on the button “Continue as …”

How to log in to your free Roblox account with Facebook

Another safe way to log into Roblox is through Facebook.

  • The platform will ask you to register or link your Facebook account. Click on “Sign up”. The latter is similar to the procedure with email. It’s just about sync Facebook account to maintain the connection.

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As you will see, the procedure for create a Roblox account and play for free It is very simple, the only thing you should take into account is a good internet connection, a powerful browser like Google Chrome and not forgetting the importance of associating the account with an email to recover keys.

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